Human Resources

Human Resources Management at Fatso, trains employees so that they can provide innovative and participatory responses to the specific needs of the food sector, to ensure efficiency in every subject such as production, sales and marketing, to provide performance in line with staff needs and to transfer the right potential to the right job in order to do better . 
As with Fatso's products, human resources management is based on global standards. Fatso aims to create an environment where everyone wants to work and be a company that its employees are proud of.
Fatsu human resources strategy is as follows:
Select people who have the potential to advance us in the future, contribute to their development to be able to perform their current jobs better and adapt to changing circumstances; track the evolution of staff performance by creating opportunities and the right environment and ensure that they rise in the organization on the basis of continuity of success
Fatso's human resource needs are generally aligned with long-term business plans, so Fatso contributes to the training and development of its employees and expects high performance from them. Our human, job applications are submitted to ensure that the right people are recruited for the right job
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