About us

Fatsu began its journey in the water sector in 2000. Fatsu natural spring water comes from Çimşir village at an altitude of 1,100 meters in Giresun County in the Black Sea region known for its unique greenery. The production facility is located in Sultaniye Village, 3.5 km from our water source. Located away from residential areas, we transfer our purity and nature to every bottle by achieving our production without being affected by industrial pollution and agricultural and household waste.
FATSU has made significant contributions to the introduction of bottled water to the Black Sea region and is among the leading producers of bottled water. After the rapid expansion of the bottled water industry, the company was forced to increase its current production capacity, shortly after its establishment and start major investments to diversify its product groups and add new production lines to its facility. Currently, it continues its investments without interruption and offers its products to the discretion of customers according to technological developments.
FATSU plans to continue its investments without interruption in the coming period. Together with employers and employees, Fatsu is committed to working in a modern and innovative approach that values human health in both production, sales and after-sales services.
The FATSU family of products, obtained from a direct natural source, varied: a 200-ml glass, a 0.33-liter bottle, 0.5-liter, 1.5-liter and 5-liter bottles, a 19-liter carboy bottle and a 19-liter bottle of recycled polycarbonate. FATSU offers its customers a healthy guarantee of natural spring water. It is presented to consumers completely securely through careful analysis at every stage of the production process.

Our Vision
To be a leading and amreference company in our sector through a production approach and applications.
Our mission
Providing our customers with high quality products at the right price and at the right time.

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